Senegal – The Folly of Nini and Fanon. WIP

Chris Anthem studio view 2024

The Folly of Nini and the Self-Righteousness of Fanon.

Drawing upon a fusion of bastardized classicism and irony, my style doesn’t seek to challenge traditional artistic norms, instead it capitulates. And like the alcoholic in its surrender, it finds its freedom.

It’s terribly in league with that which it abhors. It’s a sly art. Deceitfully beautiful. But not as dishonest as the everyday. Themes of exile, migration, otherness, and outsider-ness weave through the creations of transition. Of dusk and the crepuscular. Of the coast and and the cusp of land and sea.

So I walk the dog and dusk, past the women gutting fishes down form the Mosque of the Devine, and try to memorise their faces. See in the huddles of commerce and trade the proto space technicians of tomorrow. Or at some vernissage at the swaying angles of the body caught in its own theatre, I have to note.  My time is taken up in this labour of memorising and imagining. So I can paint them later out of a mind half cocked.  Everything deferred, everything at one point removed.

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