“First we Kill them, then we surround them, then we negotiate II”

The title came from something that was said to my wife by a rebel commander in South Sudan, a drunken joke, a sinister humour….”First we kill them, then we surround them, then we negotiate.”

“Western culture should never have stepped outside its own order where is constituted a kind of singularity. But that was not an option; it could not escape this violent extrapolation because it already bore its own denial – and, at the same time, its own universal assertion – within itself. We are now seeing the backwash of this immense development in the form of an accelerated decomposition of the universal. And globalization is merely the theatre of this decomposition – of this farce consecutive upon history.” Jean Baudrillard – CARNIVAL AND CANNIBAL 2008 Editions de L’Herne.


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