Old Woman Frying Eggs (the boy)

Drawing session At Candid Arts, behind Angel station.

A boyish female model., you can see it. The short back and sides, small breasts, angular body.   She was expressive. Her spine was nicely clumsy. Great shadow in the small of her back, where those dimples are either side of the coccyx. So different models there to the waif- girls of St. Ive’s who pose. The thwarted creative types that have drifted into the trap of the town. They work the models hard there. Poses that stretch and strain. ?

You can see how boyish she was – reminded of the boys face in Velazquez’s “Old Woman Frying Eggs.” That’s all I could think of when I was drawing her. Its very crowded those sessions in Angel. Quite weirdly low standard of drawing. I just whack them out. I’m usually pretty angry by the time I’ve got there., and the woman who takes the class and her sing song voice like we are in kindergarten – that enthusiasm for the untalented. Being helpful – when I would prefer some notion of the French academic system where the master would carry a stick to beat you with if you were lacking the ………………..”je ne sais quoi”.

My Ipod hadn’t fed from the fount of electricity so I had to suffer that. But they are nice drawings for what they are. They use a hard spotlit set up, it makes the drawing very focused and a bit aggressive, and I’m thinking I’m burrowing into the paper and attacking the thing then it all looks very hesitant, a little sensitive afterward. All the drawings I do there seem to look they’ve been done in the 1930′s.

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